Meetup #36

Domagoj Žganec

Redux Saga

Find out how to handle async actions in your React app by using Redux Saga, a Redux middleware that uses ES6 generators to help us write more synchronous looking code. Redux Saga is an alternative for Redux Thunk and has some cool advantages over it..

Meetup #35

Tomislav Gajšak


Writing a scalable API is something that we’re struggling with every day.AWS Lambda is a service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. It runs your code when you need it and it scales automatically. But can we make it easier and simple? That is where Claudia.js comes in. Claudia gives us the ability to easily deploy code to AWS Lambda and API Gateway and does all setup for us. We will see couple of example with both AWS Lambdas and API Gateways.

Meetup #34

Matija Marohnić

Snapshot testing to the rescue

Snapshot testing is useful for hunting down unexpected regressions in your application. Jest is the first testing framework which introduced snapshot testing (AVA recently also added that feature). It is most often used for testing React components, but it can be used for any JavaScript object.

Matija will show you how snapshot testing can speed up your unit testing workflow and when to use it.