Meetup #30

Dinko Mihovilović

React + React Storybook + atomic design

A demo which will take you through writing a small React app following the principles of atomic design (which will also be briefly covered) and tested with React-Storybook.

React Storybook is a UI development environment for testing React components. It enables you to interactively test each component separately in isolation, ensuring that they perform as expected. React Storybook can also be expanded to play along with other testing libraries (such as Enzyme), which this talk will also attempt to demonstrate.

Dino Trojak

React native

There is a lot of talk about React in our user group. In this talk it will be shown how to leverage React knowledge in the native development with real life experience from working with React native on a production app. Also, we will scaffold, build and also publish our jsZgb app.

Code from the demo is available on Github.

Meetup #29

Slaven Tomac

How to write your own yeoman generator

Yeoman is being used for easy scaffolding of your project. There is a ton of Yeoman generators online, but what if you don't like any of them and you want something different. This is a possibility for you to create your own Yeoman generator.

I will give short introduction through slideshow/code how you can create simple Yeoman generator, publish it and make developers start using it.

Vedran Blaženka

React state management with Redux

When developing applications we have a hard time managing application state, and that is okay because managing application state is hard. We will try to make it easier using Redux.

Redux is predictable state management container for JavaScript applications that helps us manage our state while also making our state mutations predictable. Through the presentation and code, I will show you how I solved my state problem with Redux in React application.

Code from the demo is available on Github.

Meetup #28

Matija Marohnić

Unicorn against JavaScript Fatigue

Starting a React applications is becoming increasingly difficult and the choice fatigue has gone through the roof. So. Many. Tools. In the great kingdom of Facebook a unicorn has been born. Its name is "create-react-app" (not the most elegant name for a unicorn) and its destiny is to fight JavaScript Fatigue, a vicious monster who's making developers all over the world miserable. Unlike React boilerplates, create-react-app abstracts away all the implementation details of serving, transpiling, testing etc. They are all hidden behind a dependency, so you don't have to worry about accidentally messing something up or even just looking at all that intimidating configuration. Unlike similar solutions, create-react-app is "official"!

Hrvoje Šimić

How I made my first somewhat popular open source tool

Two years ago I made Livedown, a tool for previewing Markdown files from your editor and it has since been downloaded 8k times. I made it because I wasn't happy with solutions at the time and decided to write it in JavaScript to support multiple editors.

I'll share what I've learned and give some general tips on how to write useful open source tools.