Modern JS weekend

Spend your weekend with top JavaScript engineers! One of the most educational events - Modern JS Weekend is coming to Zagreb!

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Three days of learning, networking and partying! šŸ’»šŸ»

Hurry up; the registration deadline is May 19th!

We are looking forward to meeting you! ;)

NodeSchool @MOP Fest Varaždin

Meetup page

NodeSchool Zagreb

NodeSchool events are open source workshops that teach software skills. The organization is fully non profit and events are organized all over the world. For more info please visit nodeschool website (

At this event we will focus on getting you write your first JavaScript application.

You will go through a set of self-paced challenges. No boring talks. All challenges are Open Source and available online on This means you can continue learning after the event.

The number of places are limited, so be sure to apply on time and please only rsvp positive if you will come for sure!



Multimedia festival

16.5. ā€” 18.05.2019.

The eighth edition of the Festival in Varaždin will enliven the city with its multimedia art and digital culture. In addition to presenting the trends in audiovisual technology, exhibitions, numerous thematic lectures and educational workshops, the Festival will offer a series of accompanying entertainment such as interactive installations, concerts, multimedia performances and screenings. More info can be found on the MOP-FEST FB events

Many thanks to our great sponsor/partner for this event MOP Fest ( and partner Reactors Studio ( who will provide food and drinks.


Thank you Five for your hospitality and recording!

JS meetup video Another great meetup behind us.

Creating fast and type-safe React apps with Reason - Vedran Blaženka

Vedran presented to us how to use Reason and React in order to write simple and fast apps while leveraging type-safe code, with both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystem.

Building responsive layouts for React Native - Sergej Jakovljev.

Building responsive websites became very easy with all the tools and frameworks that we have available at our disposal, then React Native came and revolutionized how we build mobile apps. Still, creating responsive layouts that look great both on phones and tablets,of any size and resolution in RN might be a problem. That's why we built React Native Responsive Layout library which makes it as easy as it is on the web.Sergej presented how to use this library, what problems does it solve and what is the benefit of using it over some other websites.

See you at the next JS meetup!

NodeSchool Zagreb

Thank you Five for your hospitality!


Last Saturday, we had another NodeSchool workshop. We had a super-productive day where participants learned to write their first JavaScript application, through a set of self-paced challenges (and a little help from our guys), and they successfully managed it! Great atmosphere, socializing and learning led to new skills and successful workshop.

Check how it was in this awesome gallery!

See you at the next NodeSchool event!

JavaScript Zagreb 40 Video

Thanks a lot to the folks from Five for the great hospitality and recording of this meetup!


Writing codemods with jscodeshift

Matija Marohnić

Our dependencies update quickly so frontend code often needs to be refactored to keep up. Doing this manually is manageable up to a certain point, but sometimes there is just too much code to update, and search & replace is very often not enough. This is what codemods are forā€”they are scripts that you can run across your files to refactor them. In my talk I'll introduce you to jscodeshift, Facebook's tool for writing codemods. Step by step you'll get familiar with JavaScript AST, I'll be extra careful to keep things at a very basic level so you can see the potential of refactoring code programmatically.

TypeScript and React - the complete solution

Hrvoje Bagarić

TypeScript has been around for some time now. With the constant monthly releases, it has come a long way. Its static typing and support for the upcoming JavaScript features makes it interesting for small projects as well as the large ones. With the @types modules, you can use almost every JavaScript library natively. It even had a first day support for the new fragments React syntax. So how does TypeScript behave with React? I will start the talk with the demo of TypeScript basic types and features. I will show how to setup your TypeScript with React project from tsconfig to webpack, even including tslint rules. To round up the talk, I will show how we can leverage TypeScript to write robust React applications.

JavaScript Zagreb 39

Video from this meetup can be found here


Luka Blažecki


There is a hype going on with GraphQL for some time now. What is wrong with plain REST API and how does GraphQL fix that. Weā€™ll start with introduction and some basic examples and wrap it up with scenarios when to use it.

Dino Trojak

The Great Gatsby

On my quest to find the best static site generator I have finally found a contender that can take the crown. Why? It combines all the cool features from modern JavaScript development into a usable and developer friendly environment. Oh yea.. and it's "serverless".


JavaScript and other tech professionals non-formal social meeting.

Today, on April 1st 2016., another CoffeeJS Zagreb Meetup took place in Kino Europa at 9 o'clock. Again we had the same number of 5 enthusiasts as last time but this time some new faces shown up.

In relaxing atmosphere of Kino Europa we were discussing about Webpack, Browserify, Enterprise software production, HTML PDF app, servers, passenger, iOS development and much more.

Join us next week at the same time and please give us hint for scheduling next CoffeeJS (day in the week or hour) that would suit you more if you would like to join us.

See you next time.


This time we will talk about Electron, a tool for building cross platform desktop apps which was initially developed for Githubs atom editor and ngrok.

Introduction to Electron

Vjekoslav Ratkajec

Electron enables you to create cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies. It is based on Chromium and uses Node.js to enable working with OS, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for UI.

For years I've been working as an ActionScript developer making cross-platform apps in Adobe AIR. Few months ago I've started to work with Electron. I'm also writing my thoughts and findings on my blog Electron Rocks!

ngrok - Secure tunnels to localhost

Mihaela Mihaljević Jakić

Save time and be more productive. Expose local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.

Re-launch of our site

We have finally re-launch our site! Here you will be able to find all the stuff from our meetups jsZgb