Meetup #48

For this meetup, we have special guests from Jaroslav Kubíček will kick off the meetup by GraphQL - better interface/interface from future, followed by Luděk Vepřek who will be talking about Building design system components with React and styled-components. Finally, Michal Sänger, will offer insights into open source JS libraries & projects and introduce you into our project Margarita where we are sharing UI components between web and mobile. The meetup will be in English with networking and pizza and beers following the presentations.

Schedule: 06:00 pm - Doors open 06:30 pm - Meetup 08:30 pm - Networking & Beers


  1. GraphQL - better interface/interface from future - Jaroslav Kubíček
  2. Building design system components with React and styled-components - Luděk Vepřek
  3. open source JS libraries and projects + project Margarita - Michal Sänger

Meetup #47

Ante Barić

Cross browser extensions

Browser extensions were a huge mess until not so long ago. Today with new WebExtensions API they are much more accessible and we can develop extensions that work inside all major browsers and share the same codebase. Other then intro into this new API, you will also hear about concepts, gotchas and ideas on how to use web extensions to enhance user experience on your website or app. Also, for old school guys, the secret guest will make a comeback.

Meetup #46

Ante Gulin

gRPC-Web: Typed Frontend Development

gRPC is a high performance & multi-platform RPC framework developed by Google. It is typically used as a communication framework for microservices, but In this talk I will show you how you can use gRPC on the frontend to achieve type-safe API's with help of typescript and protocol buffers.

Janez Čadež

Firebase: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Our team used Firebase extensively for the last year in a production environment and I’ll show you what we learned. We’ll explore some of its best features and also take time to talk about the bad and ugly side of the suite.