Meetup #33

Željko Filipin

Selenium + JavaScript = 😕🤔😳

There are several Selenium bindings in JavaScript. The talk compares a few of the most popular: WebdriverJS, WebdriverIO and Nightwatch.js.

Ivan Vuković

Declaring peace with React Native animations

Writing React Native animations requires a lot of code that can’t be reused easily, even for most common functions, like fade or zoom. With high order components animations can be declarative and simple to use. This concept has been introduced with Shoutem UI Toolkit and is proven as a success. Animations should be easy; let's declare peace with them!

Meetup #32

Vjekoslav Ratkajec

Earning cash on MS Office with JS

Microsoft is switching gears by focusing on developers and web technologies. Office Add-ins enable you to extend Office clients such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.This talk will cover Add-in architecture, development tools and show inner workings through demo Add-in made with React.

Marko Stijak

Cx Overview

Cx is a web application framework built on top of React. It offers a comprehensible library of widgets and charts combined with a number of high-level UI abstractions such as form validation, selection models, layouts, client-side routing, localization, theming, etc. In this presentation, Cx main concepts will be explained with a sneak peak of how it works under the hood.

Meetup #31

Damir Šehić

RxJS - Reactive programming, Observables, timeless patterns and new implementations

RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a library for transforming, composing, and querying streams of data. You can use it to model all kinds of data: from simple arrays of values, series of events (unfortunate or otherwise), complex flows of data, to HTTP requests. I'll explain what is an Observable, what is RxJS and why/where/how you can use it.

Code from the demo is available on Github

Tomislav Tenodi

Rapid development with React Native

React Native is an awesome technology for building native mobile apps. Its well designed architecture makes it possible to learn one stack and leverage it on the multiple platforms. However, creating an app remains a cumbersome task. Did we reach the maximum development efficiency? Shoutem designed the first-ever plugin architecture to eliminate all the boilerplate steps when building an app, with open-sourced plugins, cloud storage and automated publishing to both app stores. In this presentation, I will give a demo on how to build a React Native plugin along with creating a unique, production-ready application.