Meetup #39

Luka Blažecki


There is a hype going on with GraphQL for some time now. What is wrong with plain REST API and how does GraphQL fix that. We’ll start with introduction and some basic examples and wrap it up with scenarios when to use it.

Dino Trojak

The Great Gatsby

On my quest to find the best static site generator I have finally found a contender that can take the crown. Why? It combines all the cool features from modern JavaScript development into a usable and developer friendly environment. Oh yea.. and it's "serverless".

Meetup #38

Matija Marohnić

Without Leaving Your Text Editor

As JavaScript developers we have to leave our precious text editors fairly often to run our code only to find out that we had a typo, imported a module incorrectly or some other silly mistake. In this talk I will show how you can use ESLint and Flow to detect these mistakes much sooner, without leaving your text editor.

Nikola Predovan

Building your own Blockchain with NodeJs & TypeScript

Everyone is talking about Blockchain these days. But do you have any idea how it works? If no, hopefully I can help you with that. And the best way to understand something is by building it yourself. We will start form the basic cryptographic functions in Node to understanding transactions, blocks, mining and the basic proof of work system.

Meetup #37

Hrvoje Šimić

Building a crude Node from scratch

We all know that Node is a JavaScript runtime powered by V8, a JavaScript engine by Google Chrome, but how does that relationship work? What is a JavaScript engine anyway? What is a JavaScript runtime? In this talk I’m gonna demystify this relationship and build a very crude implementation of Node, that only supports console.log statements.

Damir Šehić


WebVR is an experimental browser API that makes it possible to experience VR in your browser. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to get into VR experiences, no matter what device you have. In this talk I'll demo a simple multiplayer VR game and talk about the implementation and lessons learned.